The New Believer’s Guide - Alex Early (Re-Air)

Aired On: Monday September 25, 2017

If you could go back in time to when you first became a Christian and impart some wisdom to yourself, what would it be? Maybe you'd advise against wearing that "turn or burn" T-shirt with the Energizer Bunny on it. You could comfort your zealous young self who just threw away his entire collection of secular CDs with the knowledge that one day God would send Spotify to make things right. Just think of all the pain that could be avoided. Join Alex Early on Steve Brown, Etc., because until we invent time travel, the next...
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Life on the Spectrum - Dr. Hugh Ross

Aired On: Monday September 18, 2017

Dr. Hugh Ross is an astrophysicist, best-selling author, and a popular speaker on the compatibility of science and Christianity. He's also on the autism spectrum. Join Dr. Ross on Steve Brown, Etc. as he tells his story of growing up with undiagnosed autism, his struggle to overcome limitations, and how God guided his path to make him the man he is today. Dr. Hugh Ross is the founder and president of Reasons to Believe, an organization dedicated to building faith in the God revealed in nature and Scripture. Visit to check...
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The Heart of Man - Tray & Melody Lovvorn

Aired On: Monday September 11, 2017

This Thursday, September 14th, The Heart of Man premiers in select theaters across the country. Have you heard about it? If not, don't miss out. Radical grace is coming to the big screen! Join Tray and Melody Lovvorn from Undone Redone on Steve Brown, Etc. as they talk about The Heart of Man, their involvement in the movie, and how our brokeness isn't a barrier to God, it's a bridge. Visit to check out the movie trailer and find theaters near you. Also, don't miss Tray and Melody's previous appearance on SBE telling...
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Here We Still Stand - Daniel Price & Scott Keith (Re-Air)

Aired On: Monday September 4, 2017

2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenberg and Protestants proclaimed that sinners are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. That's worth celebrating! Listen to Daniel Price and Scott Keith on Steve Brown, Etc. as they talk about why the Reformation is as relevant as ever. Then make plans to join Steve, Daniel, and Scott for the Here We Still Stand conference, October 19-21 in San Diego. Daniel Price is a pastor in Arkansas and Director of the Law and...
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Women and Lust - Sarah Taras

Aired On: Monday August 28, 2017

Women who struggle with lust often think they are alone. Most of the time when they hear others talk about problems with sexual addiction, they're referencing men. But women also struggle with these issues, and they need encouragement to bring their struggle into the open where they can experience the forgiveness and freedom Jesus offers. Join Sarah Taras on Steve Brown, Etc. for a conversation about her new Key Life minibook, Women and Lust: Exposed, Forgiven and Embraced. You'll hear how God's unconditional love freed her to get honest about her problem with lust, and...
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God and the Transgender Debate - Andrew Walker

Aired On: Monday August 21, 2017

Transgender people are just that, human beings. They are not simply an issue to be debated, but people who are loved by God. Join Andrew Walker on Steve Brown, Etc. for a discussion of his new book, God and the Transgender Debate: What Does the Bible Actually Say About Gender Identity. The gospel really is good news for everybody. Andrew Walker is Director of Policy Studies for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.
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Second Forgetting - Dr. Benjamin Mast

Aired On: Monday August 14, 2017

Can the peace that passes all understanding reach into the fear and confusion of someone whose memories are fading into the darkness of Alzheimer's disease? If you're a Christian caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's, or if you've been diagnosed yourself, God's faithfulness offers hope. Join Dr. Benjamin Mast on Steve Brown, Etc. for a discussion of his encouraging book, Second Forgetting: Remembering the Power of the Gospel during Alzheimer’s Disease. During the worst days of our lives, the message of grace comforts us with the fact that we don't hold onto God, he holds...
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Beyond the Cosmos - Dr. Hugh Ross

Aired On: Monday August 7, 2017

Picture, if you will, a world where divine sovereignty and human freedom exist simultaneously. It is a world of paradox where God can be three and one. You have to look beyond length, width, height, and time. To see the truth, you must enter...the Transdimensional Zone! Join Dr. Hugh Ross on Steve Brown, Etc. for a mind-blowing and faith-building discussion of his book, Beyond the Cosmos: The Transdimensionality of God. Dr. Ross is an astrophysicist, best-selling author, and a popular speaker on the compatibility of science and Christianity. He's also the founder...
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