Aired On: Monday October 9, 2017

Don't you get tired of the super-spiritual saints who seem to have been given a miserable pill with a mandate to medicate the rest of us?
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Aired On: Friday October 6, 2017

Do you question the existence of God? Are you some kind of fruitcake?!
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Aired On: Thursday October 5, 2017

If you're carrying around a heavy load of guilt, God can fix it... but not the way you think.
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God’s Love

Aired On: Wednesday October 4, 2017

God knows the truth about what we've done. Scared? Don't be. He loves us anyway.
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Aired On: Tuesday October 3, 2017

As a child of God, you're forgiven. God did it with no help from you. Lighten up and enjoy it!
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Dream On

Aired On: Friday September 29, 2017

God isn't finished with you, so dream on!
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Cheap Grace

Aired On: Thursday September 28, 2017

Critics laugh and say, "Cheap grace! Cheap grace!" Well, if grace isn't cheap, you can't afford it.
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