A Nail in the Wall

Lauren R.E. Larkin
Tuesday April 11, 2017

christian life pain & suffering

But over the past couple of days, I’ve come to realize that Luther’s imagery, while very apt to my situation as a stay-at-home-mom/wife and specifically articulated about womanhood in light of the curse, was actually an image that could be broadened to all of humanity.

Outside the Camp - Garth Cross

Key Life
Monday April 10, 2017

church leadership pastors practical theology

There’s a special kind of suffering reserved for people who have screwed up bad enough to be rejected by communities who say they believe in forgiveness and restoration. It’s a pain that brings perspective, but only after lament. Join Garth Cross on SBE for a discussion of his book, ‘Outside the Camp: A Former Pastor Looks at the Church from a Distance.’

Christ the King

Key Life
Friday April 7, 2017

steve's sermons

Once you bow before King Jesus, it’s almost impossible to bow before another king. Yeah, sometimes we see all the bad stuff and we want to run, but where are nobodies like us going to go? Join Steve as he looks at Luke 19:28-44 and teaches that Jesus really is the King… even when it doesn’t look like it.

It Hurts to Love You

Marci Preheim
Thursday April 6, 2017

christian life

Sometimes it hurts to love you, you know? No, I realize that you don’t know. You’ve said as much; Why can’t you just be quiet? Why can’t we go back to the way it was? The things you say reveal that you don’t get it. Of course you want to go back. Back to when I carried our conflict in silence because you refused to look at it. Back to when I had to forgive, but you never had to acknowledge those things that needed forgiveness. Back to the time when it was up to me to sweep everything under the rug so you could maintain your façade of perfection to the world.

Easter and CSI

Steve Brown
Wednesday April 5, 2017

steve's letters

The Resurrection is an exclamation point for everything Jesus demonstrated and taught. It really isn’t a big deal when a religious figure talks about religious things. That’s what religious people do. But if that person got out of a grave after he was stone cold dead, only very shallow and silly people will ignore what he taught. Jesus said that we are loved by God (Oh yeah, it doesn’t feel like it sometimes), forgiven (You don’t know what I’ve done) and valuable (Nobody else thinks so). But aside from our feelings, what he taught is true.

The Sunday Jumble

Chad West
Tuesday April 4, 2017

christian life

Scripture is about as ubiquitous on social media as first day of school pictures and political rants. Before Facebook and Instagram, our grandmothers framed cross-stitched verses, and purchased various knickknacks emblazoned with the ones that touched their gray little hearts. That’s cool, I guess. But the temptation is to rip words from their context, misconstruing their intended meaning to warm our souls.