Sinners, Sufferers & Grace

Key Life
Monday March 28, 2016

addiction christian life pain & suffering

When you run to Jesus, no matter what you’ve done or what you’re going through, you can be sure that God’s not mad at you. This week on SBE, join Steve and the crew as they apply that healing biblical truth to where it hurts most. (Then get more in four new minibooks by Steve Brown and Erik Guzman.)

Awe - Paul Tripp

Key Life
Monday January 25, 2016

addiction christian life prayer

Most Christians think our biggest problem is with keeping God’s Law. If we could just follow the rules, God would be happy with us and our lives would be blessed. Join Paul Tripp on SBE to see that we don’t have a Law problem, we have an awe problem… and nothing makes us stand in awe like God’s unconditional love for the unlovely.