Churchy - Sarah Condon

Key Life
Monday May 22, 2017

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If you’re looking for an honest, hilarious, and hopeful take from the trenches of modern life, Sarah Condon is the right woman for the job. (If you’re not looking for those things, you should be). Join Sarah on SBE for fun stories and insights from her book, ‘Churchy: The Real Life Adventures of a Wife, Mom, and Priest.’

Lost & Found - Kendra Fletcher

Key Life
Monday January 9, 2017

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Kendra Fletcher is a homeschooling mother of eight who had it all together. Everything was dialed in—the right schooling, the right theology, the right church. Then it all fell apart and her family learned that being “right” wasn’t a good substitute for a living relationship with a loving God. Join Kendra on SBE to hear her story and get a sneak peek into her upcoming Key Life/New Growth Press book, ‘Lost and Found: Losing Religion, Finding Grace.’

The Perfect Woman - Lauren Larkin

Key Life
Monday August 29, 2016

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If you’ve spent much time in churches, you’ve probably heard of “the Proverbs 31 woman.” Women read Proverbs 31:10-31 and either strive to emulate this ideal, or they hate her guts because they know they’ll never measure up. Time for a reality check! Join Lauren Larkin on SBE.

Grace Is Free - Marci Preheim

Key Life
Monday July 11, 2016

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The church is infected with a deadly disease. Symptoms include burdensome to-do lists, conformity to arbitrary rules, and sickeningly sweet self-righteousness. Left untreated, the infection will ultimately lead to the death of faith. The good news is that the cure is free! Join Marci Preheim on SBE for a discussion of her book, ‘Grace Is Free: One Woman’s Journey From Fundamentalism to Failure to Faith.’