Getting Better by Not Trying Harder

Chad West
Tuesday April 12, 2016

holy spirit sanctification

Far from what a lot of highly worried religious folks think, we grace people do have a deep affinity toward ethics. We just don’t lie down and take the petty, authoritarian, moralistic silliness some people try to say is integral to the Christian faith. (I’m looking at you, works righteousness.) And I don’t think you can have a decent discussion about Christ-like ethics without talking about sanctification—the process by which we become more like Christ.

Raising Jonah - Act 4

Zach Van Dyke
Friday March 25, 2016

bible teaching sanctification

At the end of our story, Jonah is back where he started, angry at God, but he’s different. Instead of fleeing in resentment, he faces his merciful Maker. Join Zach Van Dyke for the last message in his series, Raising Jonah. You’ll see that when you come to the place where you can tell God what you really think about his grace for those you hate… that’s growth.

Law, Gospel… and Movies - Dave Zahl

Key Life
Monday February 1, 2016

doctrines of grace salvation sanctification theology

It’s a real problem when Dave Zahl from Mockingbird agrees to be on your talk show: he’s so enjoyable to talk to about so many things. Steve wanted to talk about law and gospel. The rest of the crew wanted to talk about movies. We tried to do both, but… well, take a listen for yourself. (Like C-3PO said, “Let the Wookiee win.”)

Christ Hold Fast - Elyse Fitzpatrick & Dan Price

Key Life
Monday January 11, 2016

doctrines of grace salvation sanctification theology

You’ve probably played telephone. One person whispers a message to the next, and so on, until the last person announces the message to the group. Often, things have been lost and distorted along the way. Ever think something like that has happened to the good news of Jesus? Join Elyse Fitzpatrick and Dan Price on SBE for some freeing gospel clarity.

He Loves Me, You Love Me Not

Lauren R.E. Larkin
Thursday December 10, 2015


I am justified by faith apart from works. How does the event of justification shine light here, in these dark places of approval and disapproval? How does the real, actual event of being justified have any word of comfort to speak to me here, in my relationships, in how I view myself and am viewed by others?

A World of Love

Chad West
Thursday September 17, 2015

holy spirit sanctification theology

There are two types of righteousness in the Christian faith. Martin Luther labeled these two as passive and active. Passive is the righteousness that we receive from God. We do nothing to receive it. Active righteousness is our good works, overflowing from a thankful heart, a new heart created in us by God through a new will empowered by God’s Holy Spirit.