We Smell

Steve Brown
Wednesday June 29, 2016

christian life

A friend of mine recently told me he had stopped going to church. “I suppose I’m still a Christian,” he said, “but I went to Christ because I felt so ashamed and condemned. When I go to church, I feel even more condemned and ashamed than I did before I met Christ.” My friend was saying he had moved from dead to “deader.”

Jesus is for Sinners

Chad West
Thursday June 23, 2016

christian life

I struggled for years with the loud and persistent message of God against sinners. The idea was that if you were a smoker, a drinker, a skimming-off-the-top candlestick maker, God despised you and your evil ways and you might as well stay away. His salvation, they implied, was for the good; for those who had it all together. He only gave his gift to the worthy. You didn’t have to be perfect, of course, but you had to be trying.

That’s My Dad! - Joe Battaglia

Key Life
Monday June 13, 2016

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Father’s Day is almost here, and you’re wondering what to get the man who has everything. Have you considered one more sermon on how he’s letting America down? Maybe then he’ll finally “man up” and be the spiritual leader God called him to be. Well, if that’s what you’re shopping for, we ain’t selling. Listen to SBE for Father’s Day without the guilt trip.

We Fake It

Steve Brown
Wednesday June 8, 2016

christian life

It is quite easy (and human) to be proud of one’s goodness and, if the goodness isn’t real, to fake it. That sort of thing goes on all the time with those who say one thing and live in a way quite different. It’s even worse with us. We know the rules and can fake it better than people who don’t know the rules.