Lauren R.E. Larkin

Lauren R. E. Larkin is a graduate of Trinity School for Ministry where she earned an MDiv and STM focusing on Systematic Theology and Ethics with a special interest in grace, gender, and justice.

She is married to a wonderful man and stays at home with her two boys and her daughter. She is currently a doctoral candidate at Universität Zürich. She has contributed essays to various publications, including The Gospel According to Pixar and Comfortable Words: Essays in Honor of Paul F.M. Zahl, and also writes at Mockingbird.

Articles By Lauren R.E. Larkin

Sometimes an Infant Can Bring You Rest

Tuesday May 16, 2017

grace 101

Sometimes an infant can bring you rest. No I’m not crazy; I have three kids, the youngest born just last October. I did say “sometimes”! Infants in general DO NOT bring you rest, specifically Larkin babies, they love to scream…all day and night. I once wrote a sermon bobbing up and down for two hours to keep the baby asleep…Infants are A LOT of work and rest is not a word associated with them…typically. But sometimes, as a nursing mother, I have certain moments where my baby pins me down to a couch or a bed, rendering me incapable of doing anything but just sitting there, silent, doing absolutely nothing.

A Nail in the Wall

Tuesday April 11, 2017

christian life pain & suffering

But over the past couple of days, I’ve come to realize that Luther’s imagery, while very apt to my situation as a stay-at-home-mom/wife and specifically articulated about womanhood in light of the curse, was actually an image that could be broadened to all of humanity.

A Splendid Friend

Tuesday February 7, 2017

christian life

One of my favorite things about being a parent is an excellent children’s book that is not only short, but packs a good gospel punch.

The Free Gift

Tuesday January 10, 2017

christian life

A gift freely given is a confusing thing. And the larger the free gift the harder it is to understand.

Barely Alive & Barely Breathing

Tuesday December 27, 2016

christian life pain & suffering

I am convinced that all real change and transformation in our lives, all the real and tangible knowledge of who God is, and undeterred faith is borne not out of sheer positive determination to know but out of the very dark, dark moments in our lives.

How Good It Feels to be Loved

Tuesday December 6, 2016

christian life

A while back, I was reading Black Beauty to my boys at nap-time. While it was a favorite of mine growing up, I was struck (read: shocked) by the repeated emphasis on right action and the dichotomy between good humans and bad humans - which seems solely to be based on action. I questioned how I even loved this story as a child; why in the world did I shed so many tears every time I read it? The story seems so full of judgment.