No More Tears

Lauren R.E. Larkin
Thursday September 29, 2016

grace 101

I’ve spent a good deal of my adult Christian walk having difficulty accepting God’s free, gracious gift of Grace, of being freely justified by faith in Christ alone.

Open Door Policy

Steve Brown
Wednesday September 28, 2016

christian life

I have an “open door” policy at Key Life but with a closed door. There’s a lot of noise in our office (we are, after all, a media ministry), a lot of laughter (you can always tell Jesus is present when there’s laughter) and a lot of music.

Living Love in Disasters - Curt Moore video thumbnail

Living Love in Disasters - Curt Moore

Key Life
Monday September 26, 2016

church mission

Devastating hurricanes, catastrophic flooding, whole communities left in ruins… where is God when disaster strikes? Those standing in the muck get to see him. Join disaster response specialist, Curt Moore, on SBE as he talks about how God shows up in the worst disasters. Love is alive and well in places where most of us wouldn’t choose to go.

Tasting the Salt of Their Tears - 90 Seconds with Steve video thumbnail

Tasting the Salt of Their Tears - 90 Seconds with Steve

Key Life
Friday September 23, 2016

grace 101 steve's sermons

Because of Jesus’ finished work, God’s totally cool with us no matter what. We’re free, really free! One of the ways we can use that freedom is to, like the Apostle Paul said, become all things to all men, serving them to free them too. But before we can be all things to all men, we have to listen and taste the salt of their tears. Here’s a short video from Steve about it.