The God to Whom He Prayed

By: Key Life on Friday November 27, 2015

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You can tell what people think about God by listening to their prayers. But if you listen to Jesus pray, you don’t find out what he “thinks” about God… you discover what he “knows” about God. Join Steve as he continues listening in on Jesus’ prayer in John 17 and hear the staggering truth about our good and gracious God who wants to be known.


God Seriously Loves You!

By: Alex Early on Thursday November 26, 2015

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The entire message of the Bible is a message of grace, hope, forgiveness, and love – all unearned, ill deserved, and completely without condition! The love of God is reckless, pervasive, and unstoppable.

Just Trust God

By: Steve Brown on Wednesday November 25, 2015

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What does it mean to trust God? It sounds like good and biblical advice. I certainly don’t have anything against trusting God, but sometimes telling someone to trust God is like telling a drowning man or woman, “Just swim.” He or she already knows that.

Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome - Reba Riley video thumbnail

Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome - Reba Riley

By: Key Life on Monday November 23, 2015

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By the age of 29, Reba Riley lost her faith, her church, and her health. Bad religion messed her up real good. So where did she turn for help? To more religion, of course! Join Reba on SBE as she talks about her new book, ‘Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome: A Memoir of Humor and Healing’.

The Man Who Prayed video thumbnail

The Man Who Prayed

By: Key Life on Friday November 20, 2015

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Have you ever walked in on someone praying? You can tell a lot about a person by listening to him or her pray, and in John 17 we get to listen in on Jesus’ longest prayer recorded in the gospels. Join Steve Brown as he takes us into the holy of holies to hear Jesus’ high priestly prayer and find out what we learn about God the Son.

Key Life Pastors’ Chat with Pete Alwinson

By: Key Life on Thursday November 19, 2015

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The best fathers in the faith are those who are secure in their identity as God’s sons. That identity is a gift of God’s grace that sets pastors free to care for people without striving for significance from success. Join Steve Brown and Zach Van Dyke as they talk with Pete Alwinson about pastoring in the freedom of God’s unconditional love.

What You Really Need

By: Steve Brown on Wednesday November 18, 2015

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Jesus always defines the questions he answers—the real questions. Jesus always defines the needs he meets—the real needs. And Jesus always defines the hurts he heals—the real hurts.