Improper Messiah

By: Steve Brown on Monday September 22, 2014 - In grace 101

Jesus has been frustrating my life ever since I met him. Jesus hardly ever goes where one expects him to go, hangs out with the people one expects him to hang out with, and says what one expects him to say. Frankly, Jesus isn’t as religious as we think he should be.

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Recent Broadcasts

Steve Brown Preaches Radical Grace on TBN video thumbnail

Steve Brown Preaches Radical Grace on TBN

By: Key Life on Friday September 19, 2014 - In updates

If you happened to be flipping through the channels this week and thought you saw Steve on TBN preaching radical grace, no, somebody did not slip you one of those “special” brownies. It actually happened, and it was awesome.

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Abandoning the Illusion of Control

By: George Bingham on Wednesday September 17, 2014 - In leadership

Leadership positions, using a narrow definition, typically include tasks other than “leading”—like planning goals, organizing resources and controlling finances—“management” tasks. Good stewardship often demands strict oversight of the “things” of the organization, but ideally, when it comes to people, the leader in the leadership role actually “leads.” The challenge of leadership—the scary part—is that the “leading” part of a leadership role means abandoning the illusion of control.

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