The Breath of God

By: Key Life on Friday July 31, 2015

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What motivates you? If it’s religion, you’ll run out of gas. If you’re trying to be good to make up for all the bad things you’ve done, quit it; God doesn’t need your help. But if it’s the breath of God, you’ll be unstoppable. Don’t miss this message from Steve.


The List

By: Kimm Crandall on Thursday July 30, 2015

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During my early thirties, my over active guilt glands were at their peak, self-introspection was killing me and depression had its long bony fingers firmly grasped around my neck. For several years, every day felt like a matter of survival. Every day felt like failure. Amongst my drawer full of books that instructed me on how to be a better Christian, wife, mother (etc.), there was a self made list to which I often added new items.

Where is God in Our Pain?

By: Steve Brown on Wednesday July 29, 2015

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I’ve been doing this for a lot of years. I’ve cleaned up after more suicides, buried more babies, stood by more deathbeds and watched the pain of more people than I can even remember. And each time it’s fresh and horrible.

Key Life Pastors’ Chat with Dr. Terry Powell

By: Key Life on Tuesday July 28, 2015

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Serve in ministry long enough and discouragement is inevitable. Joy-sapping workloads, feelings of inadequacy, lack of fruitfulness, or battle fatigue from spiritual warfare often spurs God’s servants to quit or sabotages their passion. Join Steve as he talks with Terry Powell about finding the strength to serve when we’re so very weak.

Know Thyself: How God Wires His Sons video thumbnail

Know Thyself: How God Wires His Sons

By: Pete Alwinson on Tuesday July 28, 2015

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God has wired us in unique ways. We’re all different. Sometimes that leads to conflict, but the truth is that we need each other. To know where we belong in the body of Christ, we need to know ourselves. Then we need to be set free by God’s grace to be who he created us to be. This series will help.

Steve’s Devotional - I’m Confused about God

By: Steve Brown on Monday July 27, 2015

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I’m confused about God and I’m confused a lot (but if you say I said that, I’ll say you lied). God ought to be very angry…but he’s not. God’s love should not be unconditional…but it is. God should have washed his hands of us a long time ago…but he hasn’t. That confuses me.

Church Refugees - Josh Packard video thumbnail

Church Refugees - Josh Packard

By: Key Life on Monday July 27, 2015

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Why are the faithful leaving the church? This isn’t the rise of the “nones” who have no religious affiliation. These are the “dones” who still believe in Jesus, but not organized religion. Join Dr. Josh Packard on SBE.

Poker, Peace & Piety video thumbnail

Poker, Peace & Piety

By: Key Life on Friday July 24, 2015

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The Bible can be a frustrating book, especially when the religious manipulators use the “law enforcement texts” to keep us in line. The mother of all those texts is Jesus’ parable of the talents; a favorite of fundraisers, Sunday school teachers and guilt-trippers everywhere. Well, no more. This message from Steve will set you free!

I Am Nothing

By: Lauren R.E. Larkin on Thursday July 23, 2015

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The law’s voice was deeply embedded in my conscience: justify yourself. And I don’t mean that merely legally, either (thought that part is true). I mean it in a way that was more in line with: find a reason for your very existence, Lauren. But that path leads to death, because no one can find the reason for their own existence within themselves.