To my kids: after the Orlando Pulse attack, by Jonathan French

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Wednesday June 29, 2016

pain & suffering

When I learned about the Orlando attack, I found myself struggling with what to do and think. How long will this continue? How do you stop an “inspired attack”? How do I protect you, your mom, anyone and everyone I love? Is any of this even possible? As I considered my options, I found myself sinking into spiritual apathy. Maybe this is just the way it is, and everything sucks.


We Smell

Steve Brown
Wednesday June 29, 2016

christian life

A friend of mine recently told me he had stopped going to church. “I suppose I’m still a Christian,” he said, “but I went to Christ because I felt so ashamed and condemned. When I go to church, I feel even more condemned and ashamed than I did before I met Christ.” My friend was saying he had moved from dead to “deader.”

I See You: Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself

Lauren R.E. Larkin
Tuesday June 28, 2016


Sometimes it’s just the little things that make all the difference. Often times when we think and talk about loving our neighbor as ourselves, the conversation (both internal and external) will veer in the direction of radical acts to serve people who are hungry and homeless, the community around us, or the greater needs of those who are suffering world wide.

The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations - Mary Schaller & John Crilly video thumbnail

The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations - Mary Schaller & John Crilly

Key Life
Monday June 27, 2016

church mission

When you experience the freedom and joy that comes from realizing God’s not mad at you, it’s perfectly normal to want to share the good news. And, as it turns out, being normal is the best way to do that. Join Mary Schaller and John Crilly on SBE for a discussion of their new book, ‘The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations.’

When Jesus Leaves the Building video thumbnail

When Jesus Leaves the Building

Key Life
Friday June 24, 2016

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In Luke 4, we see that grace is Jesus’ job description. He came to bring good news and radical freedom to poor prisoners and sick sinners. When Jesus is in the building, it’s all good… but there is a kicker. Grace is only good news for those who need it. Join Steve to find out what on earth would make Jesus leave the building.

Jesus is for Sinners

Chad West
Thursday June 23, 2016

christian life

I struggled for years with the loud and persistent message of God against sinners. The idea was that if you were a smoker, a drinker, a skimming-off-the-top candlestick maker, God despised you and your evil ways and you might as well stay away. His salvation, they implied, was for the good; for those who had it all together. He only gave his gift to the worthy. You didn’t have to be perfect, of course, but you had to be trying.

Key Life Pastors’ Chat - Getting Fired & Moving On

Key Life
Wednesday June 22, 2016

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In our series, Politics in the Church, Steve has been helping pastors deal with power struggles in their congregations. We’ve seen that church is not a safe place for pastors unless they make it a safe place. But what happens when the uptight, angry, vocal minority in a church wins the battle and forces a good pastor and his family out?