Men of Grace and Truth

By: Pete Alwinson on Saturday February 28, 2015

I’ve found that self-made men tend to self-destruct because God is simply not in their lives. The Father calls us to be His sons and loves us because of the cross. He develops us through His grace and truth as we read His Word. In this series we talk about how to hear the Father’s voice in the different types of literature of the Bible. Join us!


With Friends Like This video thumbnail

With Friends Like This

By: Key Life on Friday February 27, 2015

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If you didn’t like this week’s post, “The Key Life Way,” about how we handle those with whom we disagree, this sermon from Steve might help. Then again, it might drive you nuts. Wherever you stand, watch Steve teach from Mark 9:38-41 to find out what to do with people who drive you nuts.

You Can’t Do It On Your Own

By: Steve Brown on Wednesday February 25, 2015

grace 101

Grace literally means “favor.” When it refers to God, it means the unmerited favor of God toward us. In fact, grace is an attribute of God. God doesn’t just act in a gracious way. God is defined by grace. God is grace.

The Key Life Way

By: Key Life on Wednesday February 25, 2015


We have received a number of complaints about our program with Jennifer Knapp and our post by Neal Salzman, “The Dignity of Homosexuality.” The concerns that have been raised center on why we didn’t confront Jennifer (and LGBT people in general) with the Scriptures that condemn homosexuality. Here’s why we do what we do in the way we do it.

The Art of Dying - The Collection video thumbnail

The Art of Dying - The Collection

By: Erik Guzman on Tuesday February 24, 2015

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The Collection playfully wooed me to mourn the passing of my younger self. I stood in the red North Carolina dirt under a tent filled with their songs and realized that the wounds I suffered growing up were fatal. A disappointed, imploding, heartbroken and hopeless part of me died there. I cried hard. I mourned, but I also shed tears of joy. I celebrated the freedom of a new life that can only come after death.

Steve’s Devotional - Why We Don’t Pray

By: Steve Brown on Monday February 23, 2015

steve's devotional

Listen to what Jesus says about prayer: “Whatever you ask in my name, I will do it, that the Father may be glorified in the Son; if you ask anything in my name, I will do it” (John 14:13-14).  That is a pretty fantastic statement. If it is true then the most awesome power in the world is prayer power. How do we tap into that power? How do we pray properly?

Reflections on Fifty Shades - Sharon Hersh & Natalie Collins video thumbnail

Reflections on Fifty Shades - Sharon Hersh & Natalie Collins

By: Key Life on Monday February 23, 2015

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With over 100 million copies of the books sold, and now the movie, “Fifty Shades of Grey” has obviously struck a nerve. Is it just an over-sexualized culture looking for a thrill, or is there something deeper going on? Join Sharon Hersh and Natalie Collins on this special edition of SBE for some fresh perspectives.

Punk’d by Grace

By: Tullian Tchividjian on Saturday February 21, 2015

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The result of this irrational act of grace toward these boys was NOT worse behavior. It was sorrow and transformation. These punks were punk’d by grace…and they would never forget it.