Steve’s Devotional – Love is Unnatural

By: Steve Brown on Monday April 27, 2015

steve's devotional

God makes a big deal out of love. In fact, our relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ are marked by love. Love is so central to the biblical message you would think that, even if we got everything else wrong, we would at least get love right. If God talks so much about love… Why do we love so little? Why don’t you love? Why don’t I love?


Filthy Lucre video thumbnail

Filthy Lucre

By: Key Life on Friday April 24, 2015

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Despite what many preachers have taught, God doesn’t need your money. God doesn’t need your love either, but the obsessive love of anything other than him can mess up your life… and he’d rather you didn’t. Join Steve as he teaches from 1 Timothy 6:6-10 about money, grace and the obsession with God’s love that will fill your life with contentment and freedom.

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Frederick Buechner on Grace

By: Key Life on Thursday April 23, 2015

grace 101

Frederick Buechner is one of our favorite authors. You’ll be moved and inspired by the definition of grace he offers in this short video. Check it out.

Our (Sinful & Screwed-up) Church Family

By: Steve Brown on Wednesday April 22, 2015


The institution of the church has always held within it scoundrels, egomaniacs, dishonest leaders and people who didn’t give a rip about real needs. That was true in the first century and will be true until Jesus returns. People aren’t called to be in the church because they are together, good or obedient…but because they aren’t.

Steve’s Devotional – The Cost of Getting Over Your Fear

By: Steve Brown on Monday April 20, 2015

steve's devotional

When you get right down to it, most people are not as interested in freedom as they are in security. Given the clear option between freedom (with its attendant responsibility and problems) and dictatorship (with its attendant structure and limits), most people pick dictatorship every time. Why? Because we want to be secure and safe, not free and responsible.

A Matter of Truth video thumbnail

A Matter of Truth

By: Key Life on Friday April 17, 2015

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“It doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you believe something and you’re sincere about it.” That’s from the pit of hell and it smells like smoke! Truth is not decided by taking a vote. It has to do with ultimate reality and it matters more than our individual agendas. Join Steve as he looks at John 8:31-47 to see the truth that will make you free.