Steve’s Letter - October 2014

By: Steve Brown on Monday September 29, 2014 - In steve's letters

I’m irritated when people who should know better give grace with one hand and then take it away with the other. “Of course God loves you,” they say, and just when I’m ready to break out in song, they add, “but don’t let it go to your head.” These are the same people who talk about “easy believism” and “cheap grace.” After presenting the Gospel, they admonish those who have received it to go out and change themselves, the world or at least everybody they know.

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A Real Man is a Son…First

By: Pete Alwinson on Saturday September 27, 2014 - In men

Who are you really? As God’s son (perhaps contrary to the relationship you had with your earthly father), you are forever loved by our Father God. Check out Pete Alwinson’s blog. He has some great news for you.

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Improper Messiah

By: Steve Brown on Monday September 22, 2014 - In grace 101

Jesus has been frustrating my life ever since I met him. Jesus hardly ever goes where one expects him to go, hangs out with the people one expects him to hang out with, and says what one expects him to say. Frankly, Jesus isn’t as religious as we think he should be.

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