Good Enough

Aired On: Tuesday October 8, 2019

If you've been playing games with God, there's some good news and some bad news.
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Deep Roots

Aired On: Monday October 7, 2019

Christians are little, sometimes ugly and always weak, but...
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Looking Like Love

Aired On: Friday October 4, 2019

Ever notice how couples who've been married a long time start resembling each other? We do tend to look like the object of our love.
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The Real God

Aired On: Wednesday October 2, 2019

Little gods are fine for little problems, but when you have a whopper of a problem, you better have a whopper of a God.
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Power in Weakness

Aired On: Tuesday October 1, 2019

When you know you're not smart or good or spiritual, you're close to the place where God might be able to use you.
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Aired On: Friday September 27, 2019

Feeling guilty? This will help.
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