Steve’s Devotional – Love is Unnatural

Steve Brown
Monday November 27, 2017

steve's devotional

God makes a big deal out of love. In fact, our relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ are marked by love. Love is so central to the biblical message you would think that, even if we got everything else wrong, we would at least get love right. If God talks so much about love… Why do we love so little? Why don’t you love? Why don’t I love?

Blessed Are the Misfits - Brant Hansen

Key Life
Monday November 27, 2017

christian life pain & suffering

If you feel completely at home in modern church culture, don’t listen to this episode of SBE. You won’t understand. It’s a black sheep thing. For the rest of us, join Brant Hansen on our talk show discussing his new book, ‘Blessed Are the Misfits.’ Jesus always welcomes and blesses outsiders, even if his flock forgets how.

Speaking Truth to Power

Key Life
Friday November 24, 2017

steve's sermons

How do you speak truth when it gets people angry? Or when they simply don’t care? Our culture has drastically changed and is in desperate need of truth. As Christians, we’re called to speak it. And speaking truth to power is more important now than ever. Watch as Steve teaches from Acts 5 about speaking our truth Jesus’ way.

“Just Trust God”

Steve Brown
Wednesday November 22, 2017

christian life

What does it mean to trust God? It sounds like good and biblical advice. I certainly don’t have anything against trusting God, but sometimes telling someone to trust God is like telling a drowning man or woman, “Just swim.” He or she already knows that.

Broken Homes in the Bible, by Richard Pratt

Guest Bloggers
Tuesday November 21, 2017

christian life family marriage pain & suffering parenting

Unless you live in complete isolation, you have seen a broken home. Maybe it’s the family of a friend or a relative; maybe it’s your own home. Families fall apart in ways that are short-lived and lifelong, hidden from view and out there for everyone to see. But no family is “fine,” “without problems,” or “great” until someone destroys it. Every home is broken from the day it begins.