Divided We Fall, by Luder Whitlock

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Thursday July 13, 2017

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Biblical Foundations

The tiny Christian church birthed at Pentecost shortly after Jesus ascended has become a vast global presence of diverse nationalities, gifts, and organizational expressions. It has been remarkably adaptive and resilient.…

Divided We Fall - Dr. Luder Whitlock

Key Life
Monday July 10, 2017

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Jesus prayed that Christians would all be one, and that the world would believe when they see our unity. That’s not working out so well. What’s up with that?! Join Dr. Luder Whitlock on SBE for a discussion of his new book, ‘Divided We Fall: Overcoming a History of Christian Disunity.’ Past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future results.

The Search For Safety

Marci Preheim
Thursday July 6, 2017

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In the same way that Peter was able to walk on water as long as his eyes were on Jesus but then sank as he turned his gaze to the tumult around him, we lose sight of our real Savior too.