Steve’s Devotional - Never Work for God

Steve Brown
Monday June 12, 2017

steve's devotional

My friend Bruce once said that we should never “work for God.” That sounds like heresy until you hear his explanation: “Stay his child. Working for God always has and always will stink. Being God’s son or daughter and enjoying the privileges of adoption is a blessing of unimagined proportions. Satan’s goal in your life is to have you get from son/heir to day laborer. Don’t make the trade.”

Fathers Say… - Joe Battaglia

Key Life
Monday June 12, 2017

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The wheel in the sky keeps on turning and Father’s Day is coming up again. You know what that means: it’s time to roll out the statistics on how dads are dropping the ball and bring on the guilt. Well, this show about radical grace ain’t going down that way without a fight! Join Joe Battaglia on SBE as he talks about his new book, ‘Fathers Say…’

Grace Encounter 2017 - We Will Be Restored - Steve Brown

Key Life
Friday June 9, 2017

grace encounter 2017

We live in a dark world filled with hatred, depravity, violence, fear, and loneliness. Don’t let anybody kid you, the Fall is no joke. How can God’s children hold on to hope in such a sad world? Join Steve Brown at Grace Encounter 2017 as he teaches from 1 John 3:1-3 about the truth, the love, and the promise that will help us keep truckin’ until all is restored. Go to to register for Grace Encounter 2018 at the special rate of only $35 for viewers of these Grace Encounter videos.

Move In with a Prophet

Marci Preheim
Thursday June 8, 2017


My past experiences with James have come in the form of lessons from other people interpreting the book for me. I recall a lesson here on taming tongues, and a lesson there on the importance of caring for widows and orphans. Whenever you break up a book of the Bible into pieces, this is what it can become—lessons in moral living.

Politics in the Church - Money & Power

Key Life
Thursday June 8, 2017

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People with money in the church often live by the Golden Rule, “Whoever has the gold makes the rules.” If you’re a pastor, how do you handle those who believe that their gifts to the church give them the right to run the place? Join Steve Brown, along with pastors Kevin Labby and Zach Van Dyke, as they talk about it.

Sin is Our Witness

Steve Brown
Wednesday June 7, 2017

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It’s often been said that if you (or I) were the only person living on the face of the earth, God would still have sent his Son to die on a cross for us. I believe that’s true.