When Being Bad Isn’t Bad Enough

By: Key Life on Friday October 20, 2017

If you're God's enemy, he'll love you. Even if you've cursed him to his face, he'll bless you. God won't judge you; he'll forgive all your sins against him. And he'll do all of that with no expectation of anything in return. Believing in that radical grace is the key to radical obedience. ...

Key Life Pastors’ Chat with Doug Brown

By: Key Life on Thursday October 19, 2017

Join Steve Brown and Key Life pastors Zach Van Dyke and Kevin Labby as they talk with Doug Brown about his book, Shotgun Rider: Restoring Passion for the Ministry Trail. You really can thrive in the second seat...or the back seat. This chat will help. // var player_mp3 =...

Why I Left, Why I Stayed - Tony & Bart Campolo (Re-Air)

By: Key Life on Monday October 16, 2017

Click here to listen to Tony and Bart Campolo on Steve Brown, Etc. When a child who was raised in a Christian home leaves the faith, parents are heartbroken and often confused about how to handle the new family dynamic. Things get even more difficult when one of the parents is a famous...

The Tears of Jesus - Part 1

By: Key Life on Friday October 13, 2017

Check out this message from Steve as he watches Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane to see how Jesus dealt with the darkness. This is part one of a three part series. To hear the rest of this 3-part series click here and here.

The Imperfect Disciple - Jared Wilson (Re-Air)

By: Key Life on Monday October 9, 2017

Click here to listen to Jared Wilson on Steve Brown, Etc. Does the word "discipleship" make you cringe? Have you given up on trying to fit into the Christian subculture mold? Maybe there's some stuff in your life you've tried to quit over and over again, but you just can't. Well have we got a show...

The Boldness We Fear

By: Key Life on Friday October 6, 2017

Watch Steve as he teaches from Acts 4:13-22 and 29-31 to see that real Christian boldness is loving God and people so much so that you become dangerous. Jesus is our model, and his unconditional love is the source of our boldness.

All Things New - John Eldredge

By: Key Life on Monday October 2, 2017

Click here to listen to John Eldredge on Steve Brown, Etc. If you’re a Christian, Heaven is not your eternal home. Jesus spoke of “the renewal of all things.” The Bible says believers are destined for the New Earth, and that should fill you with hope! Join New York...

When the Noise is Too Loud

By: Key Life on Friday September 29, 2017

Watch this video with Steve teaching about Mary and Martha from Luke 10:38-41. Learn what it means to stop, be quiet and find peace at Jesus' feet. Busy or not, it's the one thing we all so desperately need.