Finding the Love of Jesus - Elyse Fitzpatrick

By: Key Life on Monday April 23, 2018

Is Bible reading just another burden that's been loaded onto your back by toxic religion? Do you feel guilty when you read it? Do you feel guilty when you don't? The truth is, reading the Bible doesn't have to come with all that baggage. Join Elyse Fitzpatrick on Steve Brown,...

Religion, Rules & Radicals

By: Key Life on Friday April 20, 2018

Religion will make you crazy! Rules will crush you! But when you've reached the end of your rope, run to God and let Him love you! It's a radical thought, but God accepts you just the way you are.  Don't miss this message with Steve's teaching from Matthew 5:17-26.

Life on the Spectrum - Dr. Hugh Ross (Re-Air)

By: Key Life on Monday April 16, 2018

Click here to listen to Dr. Hugh Ross on Steve Brown, Etc. Dr. Hugh Ross is an astrophysicist, best-selling author, and a popular speaker on the compatibility of science and Christianity. He's also on the autism spectrum. Join Dr. Ross on Steve Brown, Etc. as he tells his story of...

Finding God in the Margins - Carolyn Custis James

By: Key Life on Monday April 9, 2018

Refugees, undocumented immigrants, women’s rights, male power and privilege...those words probably have you thinking of recent headlines instead of the ancient book of Ruth in the Bible. But, like that old spaghetti sauce commercial says, “It’s in there!” Join Carolyn Custis James on Steve...

The Burden Is Light - Jon Tyson

By: Key Life on Monday April 2, 2018

Click here to listen to Jon Tyson on Steve Brown, Etc. Second place is the first loser. That's the way of the world, but it's not the only way. Join Jon Tyson on Steve Brown, Etc. for a discussion of his new book, The Burden Is Light: Liberating Your Life from the Tyranny of...

When You Can’t Believe and Pretending Doesn’t Work

By: Key Life on Thursday March 29, 2018

Most of us struggle with belief. And we’re told, “Try a little harder.” That’s impossible and doesn’t help. Watch this video with Steve teaching from John 10:22-42. Steve has a confession to make: “I’m an old guy and I’m still here. I shouldn’t be here. I’m the...

Reconstructing the Gospel - Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

By: Key Life on Monday March 26, 2018

Has your Christianity been compromised by racism, systematic abuse of power, or even white supremacy? If you’re offended by the mere question, you probably don’t want to listen to this episode of SBE. Then again, maybe you like having your blind spots questioned. If so, join Jonathan...

When Prodigals Go Back to the Pigs

By: Key Life on Friday March 23, 2018

If you struggle with your sin, if you made all kinds of promises to God and broke them, if you tried and tried and hardly ever get it right, if you doubt your salvation, if you wonder if God has had it with you, Steve Brown has some good news for you. Watch this message with teaching from...