The Song of the Angels

By: Key Life on Friday December 22, 2017

Join Steve Brown for a Christmas message from Luke 2:8-14. Listen to hear the song of the angels to losers, nobodies, prostitutes, drunks, the needy, the fallen, and the hurt. It's not that angels won't sing to those who have it all together, it's just that those people are too busy...

Hard Beginning, Happy Ending - Marabel Morgan

By: Key Life on Monday December 18, 2017

Click here to listen to Marabel Morgon on Steve Brown, Etc. Post tenebras lux is a Latin phrase that means, "After darkness, light." That sounds nice and hopeful, unless the sun has long since set and you've been slogging through thick night for God knows how long, then it's just an annoying...

Undone Redone - Tray & Melody Lovvorn (Re-Air)

By: Key Life on Monday December 11, 2017

Click here to listen to Tray and Melody Lovvorn on Steve Brown, Etc. After six years of being apart, Tray and Melody Lovvorn's divorce just didn't work out. It wasn't buckling down and working real hard to follow Jesus' 10 principles for a healthy marriage that fixed things. It was God's...

He’ll Take Care of It

By: Key Life on Friday December 8, 2017

God is a God of justice. Just because he doesn’t balance the books on Thursday doesn’t mean that he doesn’t balance the books. Join Steve for the best sermon you'll ever hear from the book of Nahum (because it's the only sermon you'll ever hear from Nahum). You'll see that we can rest in the...

All Things New - John Eldredge (Re-Air)

By: Key Life on Monday December 4, 2017

Click here to listen to John Eldredge on Steve Brown, Etc. If you’re a Christian, Heaven is not your eternal home. Jesus spoke of “the renewal of all things.” The Bible says believers are destined for the New Earth, and that should fill you with hope! Join New York...

A Counterintuitive Christmas

By: Key Life on Friday December 1, 2017

Watch this video with Steve teaching from John 1:1-18. You just may see that God is a lot different than you thought he was, that it's a lot darker than you thought it could possibly be and that God's love is so radical that we don't even have the capacity to understand it.

Key Life Pastors’ Chat with Scott Sauls

By: Key Life on Thursday November 30, 2017

How can Christian leaders today go against the grain of modern culture, take up their crosses, and follow Jesus on the path of weakness, submission, and selflessness instead of the path of acquisition, platform building, and worldly power? Join Steve Brown, along with pastors Jerry Parries,...

Blessed Are the Misfits - Brant Hansen

By: Key Life on Monday November 27, 2017

Click here to listen to Brant Hansen on Steve Brown, Etc. If you feel completely at home in modern church culture, don't listen to this episode of Steve Brown, Etc. You won't understand. It's a black sheep thing. For the rest of us, join Brant Hansen on SBE talking about his new...