Philip Yancey | Fearfully & Wonderfully

By: Key Life on Monday September 23, 2019

Your body was fearfully and wonderfully made. And what about the body of Christ?  Spiritual insights from the human body and the beauty of an enduring friendship. This week, Steve and the gang discussed both with Philip Yancey, author of the newly revised and expanded classic, 'Fearfully and...

David Young | Progressive Christianity

By: Key Life on Monday September 16, 2019

Progressive Christianity has crafted a new version of the Gospel that amps up the good and fun stuff while diminishing the hard truths, according to David Young.  This week, Steve and the gang talk to this author and pastor about the recent surge in Progressive Christianity, a modern problem...


By: Key Life on Friday September 13, 2019

If anyone told you that you have to get dressed up to go to Jesus, they lied to you. Take one minute to watch this video and get a little something to think about that will brighten your day, give you a bit of hope and make a big difference.

David Zahl - Seculosity (Re-Air)

By: Key Life on Monday September 9, 2019

You might not know the word Seculosity, but you've definitely experienced it! It's David Zahl on this episode of Steve Brown, Etc. talking about his new book, Seculosity: How Career, Parenting, Technology, Food, Politics, and Romance Became Our New Religion and What to Do about It. We're all...

Kevin Sorbo - True Strength

By: Key Life on Monday September 2, 2019

He's multi-talented, he's ruggedly handsome... but enough about Steve.  This week, Steve and the gang talk to actor / director / author Kevin Sorbo.  You may know Kevin from the popular TV series 'Hercules.'  You might NOT know that during that show's run, he experienced a series of...

Caleb Wilde - Confessions of a Funeral Director

By: Key Life on Monday August 26, 2019

A positive death narrative? Grief as worship? No wonder Steve decided to sit this one out. We're talking to a funeral director about death and how it saved his life on Steve Brown, Etc. Caleb Wilde is a sixth generation funeral director.  He holds a Masters Degree in Theology from Biblical...

Fuz Rana - Humans 2.0

By: Key Life on Monday August 19, 2019

Technology could soon turn us all into superhumans. So what's wrong with that? Let's talk about it with Dr. Fuz Rana on Steve Brown, Etc. Dr. Fazale ‘Fuz’ Rana is the Vice President of research and apologetics at Reasons to Believe.  He has authored several groundbreaking books, including...

Laughter in the Dark

By: Key Life on Friday August 16, 2019

What's life all about? What's the point of enduring all the darkness? Is there a God? Does he care? Does he love? Take two minutes with Steve, and you just might hear the joyful laughter of God spilling over into a sour world. If you don't hear that joyful laughter, you may want to consider...