The Ascension (In 90 Seconds)

By: Ryan Reeves on Tuesday November 1, 2016

The ascension of Christ is one of those doctrines that's often not discussed much. Maybe that's because it's a little weird. Where did Jesus go and why did he go that way? Got 90 seconds?

The Covenant (In 90 Seconds)

By: Ryan Reeves on Tuesday June 14, 2016

A covenant is a contract that is entered into by two parties. So, what exactly is the biblical covenant between God and his people? Got 90 seconds?

Image of God (In 90 Seconds)

By: Ryan Reeves on Tuesday May 3, 2016

When we're talking about the image of God, we're talking about one of the core convictions that all Christians share. So, what exactly is the image of God? Got 90 seconds?

Sin (In 90 Seconds)

By: Ryan Reeves on Thursday February 18, 2016

The doctrine of sin is the entire reason for the Christian faith. The Christian story, is the story of dealing with sin. So, what exactly is the doctrine of sin? Got 90 seconds?

Letter to a Young Theologian

By: Ryan Reeves on Tuesday January 26, 2016

First of all, let me wish you a happy birthday! Turning fifteen is an important milestone and I can only hope your family is letting you be king for a day. Eat what you want. Boss people around. Make them carry you on their shoulders…the good stuff. Your mother sent a note about your love of...

Grace and Sexual Temptation

By: Ryan Reeves on Tuesday September 22, 2015

It would be helpful, then, to talk about the issues of sex in the church and the role of grace. One of the problems that comes with controversy is there are a number of theories as to what is really wrong with the church. We crowdsource our frustration, looking to social media to help us process...