I’m Not Writing About Thanksgiving

By: Steve Brown on Wednesday November 6, 2019

I guess I was thinking of that because...if it’s November, this must be Thanksgiving. Actually, it isn’t November for me. It’s September. But you’ll receive this in November, Thanksgiving month. Only I’m not writing about Thanksgiving this year. So there! It isn’t because I’m not...

Steve’s Devotional – Hope for Prodigals

By: Steve Brown on Monday November 4, 2019

Jesus came to set prisoners free. The day is far spent and we are still not free of the prison. We can all identify with the Prodigal Son in Luke 15:11-32. In fact, it is our life story. The question is: How do we get out of the prison cell to freedom? Realization The first step on the road to...

When The Noise Is Too Loud | Key Takeaways

By: Steve Brown on Friday November 1, 2019

Are you overwhelmed by life? At one point, Steve was. Enough to break down in tears and quit his job as pastor. Hear the story and learn what to do in this powerful short sermon from Luke 10:38-41 given at Perimeter Church. And click here for the full sermon.

Steve’s Devotional - Satan is Real & Out to Get You

By: Steve Brown on Monday October 28, 2019

The Reality & Personality of Evil It is immediately apparent that the Apostle Paul believes in the reality and personality of evil. Someone has said that one of the finest acts of strategy that Satan performs is to convince people that he doesn’t exist. So why do I believe in Satan? Jesus...

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb | Key Takeaways

By: Steve Brown on Friday October 25, 2019

A perfect groom and an ugly bride -- it's an odd pairing, but God is bringing it all together in his own unique way and timing. If you've ever had an issue with the church body (the bride), then check out this short video. You can also watch the whole sermon given at Perimeter Church here.

Jesus Blew His Nose & Struggled with Lust

By: Steve Brown on Wednesday October 23, 2019

Sometimes we seem to be saying that Jesus put on a costume for a little while and just played the part of being human. The issue is the transcendence of God as opposed to the immanence of God. Those who are theological liberals have a tendency to err on the side of immanence, ignoring the divine....

Steve’s Devotional – You Have a Bright Future

By: Steve Brown on Monday October 21, 2019

God controls the future (Revelation 1:8, Psalm 135:13, Psalm 145:13). God didn’t ask permission from me, of course, but I’m glad he is in charge. It isn’t a job for boys. God controls your future. Not only does God control the future in general, but he controls your future in particular...

“I Struggle with Doubts. Any Advice?”

By: Steve Brown on Wednesday October 16, 2019

A. Remind yourself of this truth: Don’t doubt in the dark what God has taught you in the light. Read some books on apologetics—the defense of the faith—and a lot of C.S. Lewis. And talk with your pastor (especially about the veracity of our faith) or qualified Christian counselor (about the...