Steve’s Devotional – God is Not a Monster

By: Steve Brown on Monday October 14, 2019

What does one think in the face of tragedy? What does one say? More important, what does one think and say about God? Is God a monster or can he be trusted? It is so easy for someone like me who talks for a living to give easy answers to hard questions. For a number of years, I conducted a Skeptics...

Filthy Lucre | Key Takeaways

By: Steve Brown on Friday October 11, 2019

"Money is a root of all kinds of evil."  But it's not JUST about money, is it? Discover what the Bible says about possessions and other potential idols as Steve teaches from I Timothy 6:6-10 in this freeing and refreshing short message given at Perimeter Church. Check out the full version of...

Steve’s Devotional - Never Work for God

By: Steve Brown on Tuesday October 8, 2019

The truth is that I often think of myself more as a day laborer than a son. I believe that I’m a valued, forgiven and acceptable day laborer. I believe that I’m a loved day laborer, Christ died for this day laborer, and God chose me to be his day laborer. That’s no small thing. I’ve...

We Love Try-Harder Religion

By: Steve Brown on Wednesday October 2, 2019

Some of you may remember Danny from one of our grace conferences when he taught a breakout session on Islam. I learned more about Islam in that one session than I’ve learned from multiple books on the subject. Last week Danny and his new wife, Lea, were here in Orlando for their honeymoon, and we...

Steve’s Devotional - Daring to Doubt

By: Steve Brown on Monday September 30, 2019

For both the doubting Christian and the searching skeptic, let’s look at some prerequisites for faith as seen in the life of “doubting Thomas” (John 20:24-31). What was it about Thomas that caused Jesus to deal with his doubts? Risk Thomas was a man who was willing to risk. Thomas was not a...

It’s Over… It’s Really Over | Key Takeaways

By: Steve Brown on Friday September 27, 2019

If God has forgiven you, then you are forgiven. Period.  In this short sermon, Steve delivers an important message about the implications of Jesus' words, 'It is finished.'  Make sure to check out the full version of the sermon here.