How to Deal with Satan

By: Steve Brown on Monday January 13, 2020

The Bible teaches that there are two forces, one good and one evil; however, it does not teach that the two forces are equal. The Bible teaches that God is sovereign over everything and that Satan’s existence is only tolerated because he fits into God’s plan. In Job 1:6-12, there is an...

Why Can’t We Get Along? | Key Takeaways

By: Steve Brown on Friday January 10, 2020

Is it possible for us to get along WITHOUT giving up our convictions?  In this short video, Steve makes the case that yes, we can. But to do so, you need to know a couple things from 1 Corinthians and Philippians. Check out the full sermon here.

Steve’s Devotional - Hills To Die On

By: Steve Brown on Monday January 6, 2020

It’s an important truism: Convictions, by their very nature, cause division. The only people who fight are people who believe that there is something to fight about. Therefore those of us who are convinced as conservative evangelicals, as Calvinists, as Arminians, as Dispensationalists, etc. must...

A New Year and the Kingdom | Key Takeaways

By: Steve Brown on Friday January 3, 2020

You made it through Christmas. Now what? SO what? The answer has something to do with the kingdom. Join Steve as he teaches from Romans 5, I Peter 2, and 2 Corinthians 5 in this powerful and encouraging short message given at Perimeter Church. Watch the full sermon here.  

Her Name is Annie

By: Steve Brown on Wednesday January 1, 2020

Anna does too! Annie is our new, all-black German shepherd. Some good friends made it all possible. They called and asked, “Do you want a dog?” I said, “Nobody ever asked me that before; but, yes. In fact, Anna and I have been talking about getting another shepherd.” And they made it...

Go Tell John (and Steve)

By: Steve Brown on Monday December 30, 2019

He was born to a priest father (Zechariah) and a faithful, godly mother (Elizabeth), and consecrated in his mother’s womb. If you had met John, you may not have liked him. He wasn’t the kind of man to have a beer or smoke cigars with. He lived in the wilderness and his ministry was to prepare...

A Matter of Truth | Key Takeaways

By: Steve Brown on Friday December 27, 2019

What's the biggest crisis we face in our culture today? Materialism? Bad Theology? All bad, says Steve, but not as dangerous as THIS. Check out this short message as Steve speaks from Judges 17:6 about a pervasive and growing source of darkness in our world. Watch the full sermon here.

The Laughter of God

By: Steve Brown on Tuesday December 24, 2019

It isn’t that we aren’t doing things right, that we aren’t trying, that we don’t care. It isn’t that we have ignored God’s commandments or been unfaithful to Christ; it isn’t that we have become apostate. I spend a considerable portion of my time traveling around the country and for...