Owner’s Manual For The New Creation | Key Takeaways

By: Steve Brown on Friday March 13, 2020

Are you 'prone to wander'? Maybe you're not just prone to it—maybe you've gone off the map entirely. If so, good news: God is telling you to 'come on home.' Enjoy this deeply moving short message from Steve based on 2 Corinthians 5:11-21 given at Perimeter Church. Click here for the full...

Drunk and Honest

By: Steve Brown on Wednesday March 11, 2020

I forgot to mention that they also gave the children as many free desserts as they wanted… I sat there with thoughts of committing homicide on Mickey Mouse when the waitress came up to take our drink order. I ordered an iced tea. The waitress said, without even smiling, “Sir, excuse me for...

Us and “Them” | Key Takeaways

By: Steve Brown on Friday March 6, 2020

The danger of self-righteousness and the transformative power of identification, being 'all things to all people.' Join Steve as he explores I Corinthians 9:19-23 in this must-see sermon given at Coral Ridge Presbyterian. Watch the full sermon here. 

Bored with Jesus

By: Steve Brown on Wednesday March 4, 2020

How often have you said that when you were with friends and simply couldn’t stifle a yawn? I bet I’ve said that a thousand times. (Between you and me, sometimes it really was the company. And if you say I said that, I’ll say you lied.) As I write this, the impeachment trial of President Trump...

Steve’s Devotional - We Owe Love…Even When Treated Like Dirt

By: Steve Brown on Monday March 2, 2020

Love is an obligation. “Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law” (Romans 13:8). You owe love…it is an obligation. And there are no exceptions to this either. You owe love to the unlovely, to the mean and to the unattractive. What if...

Beggar at the Banquet | Key Takeaways

By: Steve Brown on Friday February 28, 2020

Lent? What's that about? In this sermon based on Mark 1:9-15 and Matthew 4:1-11, Steve explains what Lent is and isn't through the lens of Jesus' 40 days of testing. Click here for the full sermon.

Giving Up Liver, Okra & Booze

By: Steve Brown on Wednesday February 26, 2020

The pagans haven’t taken them over yet. They tried, but Easter bonnets aren’t high on the fashion agenda; the Easter bunny, for some reason, has never reached the PR level of Santa Claus; and unless you’re a believer, you probably aren’t big on fasting or giving stuff up for Lent. Are you...

Steve’s Devotional – 5 Ways to Know God’s Will

By: Steve Brown on Monday February 24, 2020

First, a few preliminary considerations. If you want to know what God wants, you have to want what God wants. I once heard the mother of a teenager say to a friend, “I just don’t tell him what to do anymore. He won’t do it anyway.” I suspect God may feel that way sometimes. God, the Bible...