Jesus’ Last Words

Justin Holcomb
Friday April 14, 2017

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On Good Friday each year we take some time to meditate on the depth of Jesus’ sacrifice for us in suffering a humiliating, bloody death by crucifixion. It’s a time to dwell on what Jesus suffered for us, in all its pain and intensity, without rushing…

Home - Elyse Fitzpatrick (Re-Air)

Key Life
Monday November 21, 2016

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When people think of heaven, they often picture a place “up there” with polished halos, fat, winged babies with harps, and lots of cloud-pavement. What if, instead, heaven will be on earth, but better? Join Elyse Fitzpatrick on SBE for a discussion of her new book ‘Home: How Heaven and the New Earth Satisfy Our Deepest Longings.’

The Ascension (In 90 Seconds)

Ryan Reeves
Tuesday November 1, 2016

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The ascension of Christ is one of those doctrines that’s often not discussed much. Maybe that’s because it’s a little weird. Where did Jesus go and why did he go that way? Got 90 seconds? Check out this short video from Dr. Ryan Reeves, Assistant Professor of Historical Theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.