Key Life Pastors’ Chat - Redeeming Singleness

Key Life
Tuesday January 19, 2016

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Many times in the church, pastors treat singles like second-class citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. That’s from the pit of hell and it smells like smoke. Join Barry Danylak and Suzy Grumelot as they talk with Steve Brown and his pastor Kevin Labby about Barry’s book, ‘Redeeming Singleness: How the Storyline of Scripture Affirms the Single Life’.

Unburdened - Michael Todd Wilson

Key Life
Monday October 26, 2015

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You aren’t the only one struggling with the shame and silence of sexual sin, especially if you’re a Christian leader. But you don’t have to struggle alone. Join Michael Todd Wilson on SBE for a discussion of his book, ‘Unburdened: The Christian Leader’s Path to Sexual Integrity.’ No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, you can walk in the light of God’s radical grace.

Key Life Pastors’ Chat with Jared Wilson

Key Life
Tuesday October 20, 2015

church leadership pastors pastors' chat

When it comes to “doing church” Jared Wilson aptly points out that what you win people with is what you win them to. If people are drawn to church by slick worship experiences, programs, and free iPads, that can lead to record attendance, but at what cost? Join Jared Wilson as he talks with Key Life pastors Justin Holcomb and Kevin Labby about his book, ‘The Prodigal Church: A Gentle Manifesto against the Status Quo.’

Key Life Pastors’ Chat with Dr. Terry Powell

Key Life
Tuesday July 28, 2015

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Serve in ministry long enough and discouragement is inevitable. Joy-sapping workloads, feelings of inadequacy, lack of fruitfulness, or battle fatigue from spiritual warfare often spurs God’s servants to quit or sabotages their passion. Join Steve as he talks with Terry Powell about finding the strength to serve when we’re so very weak.

Key Life Pastors’ Chat with Ray Cortese

Key Life
Thursday April 16, 2015

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Vocational ministry can be toxic to the soul of the minister. Too often, what starts out as a genuine call to care for souls can end up as a pastor’s grand scheme to validate himself by manipulating the people he loves most. Join Ray Cortese as he talks with Steve about the gospel antidote to the self-deception that breeds this kind of ecclesiastical dysfunction.

The Gospel of Gregalt & The Kids in the Hall

Erik Guzman
Tuesday March 17, 2015

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How many times have you gone to church with the weight of the world on your shoulders only to leave with a to-do list? More and more people are answering, “One time too many.” The truth is, Jesus carried the cross on his shoulders, so we don’t have to carry the weight of the world on ours. God has done for us everything he required from us. We can rest in his finished work.