Show Them Jesus - Jack Klumpenhower

Key Life
Monday April 4, 2016

preaching youth ministry

Millions of church kids grow up and abandon the faith. You ever think maybe they’re leaving because they never heard the gospel? Join children’s ministry specialist Jack Klumpenhower on SBE for a discussion of his book ‘Show them Jesus: Teaching the Gospel to Kids.’

Letter to a Young Theologian

Ryan Reeves
Tuesday January 26, 2016

church practical theology preaching youth ministry

A mother recently wrote and told me of her son’s interest in theology after stumbling onto my lectures on YouTube. She asked if I would send a note for his birthday, since he has expressed an interest in studying theology in the hope of becoming a teacher. Above all, the need is to understand grace—a truth we all need—and for that I share the letter with you.

Humble Evangelism, by Wes Simmons

Guest Bloggers
Tuesday September 29, 2015

mission preaching

Courage. Boldness. Confidence. These are the words we typically associate with evangelism. But what if evangelism is more about our weakness than our strength, more about humility than boldness? What if it’s more about sharing why you need Jesus, inviting people into your brokenness, than it is about trying to convince them why they need Jesus?

The Gospel of Gregalt & The Kids in the Hall

Erik Guzman
Tuesday March 17, 2015

church leadership pastors preaching

How many times have you gone to church with the weight of the world on your shoulders only to leave with a to-do list? More and more people are answering, “One time too many.” The truth is, Jesus carried the cross on his shoulders, so we don’t have to carry the weight of the world on ours. God has done for us everything he required from us. We can rest in his finished work.