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Forget Trying to Be Fully Understood!

Forget Trying to Be Fully Understood!

AUGUST 6, 2019

/ Articles / Forget Trying to Be Fully Understood!

At least from people.

Here’s some grace reality therapy for the day: God is the only one who is capable of fully understanding you, and He does! Check out Psalm 139 and you’ll see that the only One who really can appreciate you and understand you is the One who made you, and, if you’re a Christian, rescued you, and pulled you back home.

Grace sets us free to be authentic and real, and it’s important that we are authentic in friendships and marriage, but to expect finite people to fully understand you puts a greater demand on them than they could ever fulfill, and it will just get you ticked off that they don’t do what they can’t do!

It’s a waste of time expecting the impossible from finite people. If you’ll let the Father’s knowing you be enough, then you can be blessedly free from the pain of criticism, rejections, and misunderstandings other people have of you at times. You can listen and learn, but not need to feed off the approval of others, or be depressed by their rejection. His grace toward you in Christ will hacksaw off the handcuffs that link us to the opinions of other people.

Ah, now we are free to listen and love, and seek to understand other people the best we can. Why? Because we are loved by the One who matters most in the universe and our energy to be understood can be channeled to understanding others.

That’s what I call freedom.

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Pete Alwinson

Pete Alwinson

Pete Alwinson is Executive Director of FORGE: City-Wide Ministry to Men with Man in the Mirror.

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