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Grace Encounter 2017 – We Are Chosen – Ray Cortese

Grace Encounter 2017 – We Are Chosen – Ray Cortese

APRIL 28, 2017

/ Articles / Grace Encounter 2017 – We Are Chosen – Ray Cortese

Racial separation, addiction, terrorism, war, broken lives and relationships...this is not God's original design for his creation.

Join Ray Cortese for the first session at the 2017 Grace Encounter Conference as he helps us see the future in Micah 4:1-7. We are chosen for a common mission—black, white, men, women, rich, poor—all united by one vision…the mending of the world. That’s only possible when we experience radical grace and know the delight of being God’s beloved.

After watching this stirring message, consider joining Steve Brown, his pastor Kevin Labby, Pastor Jerry Q. Parries, and friends for the 2018 Grace Encounter Conference. Don’t miss this unique opportunity as, once again, two different congregations—one African-American and one white—come together to delight in God’s healing love.

Click this link to register for Grace Encounter 2018 at the special rate of only $35 for viewers of these Grace Encounter videos at

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