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Heal Us Emmanuel – Ray Cortese

Heal Us Emmanuel – Ray Cortese

NOVEMBER 11, 2016

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Radical grace frees us to be brutally honest about ourselves. Because God loves us unconditionally, we can acknowledge our sins without fear, let go of self-justification, apologize, and seek reconciliation. When we realize we're all screwed up and all loved, people who don't usually get together can walk together.

This message from Ray Cortese is a perfect example of how God’s grace can heal the racial divide in our churches and hurting communities. Don’t miss this timely invitation to repentance and renewal.

Also, this is just a taste of what you’ll experience in Orlando at the Grace Encounter Conference, March 15-17. Join Ray Cortese, Steve Brown, and a bunch of other great speakers for an event like none other. Early bird pricing is still available until the end of the month. Visit for more information and registration.

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