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It Takes a Man to Make a Man

It Takes a Man to Make a Man

OCTOBER 15, 2012

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I spent the weekend in Houston, Texas with about 55 guys from several churches.

It was a privilege to travel and speak with David Delk, the President of Man in the Mirror. David’s an exceptional speaker and he and Brett Clemmer (a good friend & VP at Man in the Mirror) know more about helping churches build a men’s discipleship ministry in the local church than any other men in America. I’m convinced of that.

David, in the first session on Friday evening, threw me under the proverbial bus. You know we speakers are always looking for a good illustration and it was too good to pass up, I guess. Plus David’s sin nature has to be taken into account. But I deserved it. You see, I forgot my cell phone and though David said I could use his, I didn’t know my wife’s mobile number by heart. (I do know her email address, aren’t I special?) So David asked the guys in the first session: “How many of you know your wife’s mobile number by heart?”  The room was filled with upraised male hands…every hand in the place went up except, I think, those who weren’t married. There was then an intentional look in my direction and confession was my first duty when it was my turn to speak. I was duly chastized and you can still see the tire marks on my chest. But it was cool. Their laughter was the laughter of the redeemed and constituted the 6th language of love for men which is “shame and abuse”.  Those 55 guys…we were kindred spirits. It takes a man to make men, and these guys were committed to making men, to building Disciples.

I could die for that cause.

It is rocket science, this endeavor to build men. It’s not as easy as people might think. It’s demanding, rewarding, and incredibly beneficial for the local church. Building men protects women, children, churches, communities, and ultimately our nation…it creates workers and warriors for the Great Mission of telling the world about Jesus, and serving them into His presence.

It takes a man to make a man.

Men without excuses but with a great Leader, Jesus.

There’s a great scene in an old movie. John Belushi is on his knees in an underground gutter and Carrie Fisher, the woman he dumped to go on his “mission from God” is holding him at bay with an M16 pointed at him…and he launches into a litany of excuses…it’s hysterical…excuses as to why he ditched her. He kisses her, drops her in the mud and then he runs.

Hey guys…it takes a man to build a man. Build your kids, your wife, and find some time to build into other men. Build into one other man…just one…and you could change an entire family. We pick on each other from time to time out of love and also because there are no perfect people…pick on some guy, and build him.

It takes a man to build a man.

Strength and Courage!


PS…I got my wife’s phone number memorized and no, you can’t have it!

Pete Alwinson

Pete Alwinson

Pete Alwinson is Executive Director of FORGE: City-Wide Ministry to Men with Man in the Mirror.

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