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Jesus is Not an Entertainer, CEO, or Grump

Jesus is Not an Entertainer, CEO, or Grump

OCTOBER 1, 2020

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When Jesus says “Come to Me and I will give you rest,” you’ve got to make sure not to confuse the Jesus of Scripture with the carnival Jesus that gets paraded around in popular evangelicalism today.

The Son of God is not an entertainer. He is not selling snake oil. He is not performing magic tricks to wow the crowd. Jesus offers your soul rest. He is not looking for employees to hire or fans to help stoke his low self-esteem. He’s neither needy nor a show off. See him for who he really is. Listen to what the Scriptures actually have to say about him. Let him speak for himself. Banish the false images that you collected along the way from a parent, a teacher, or someone else that distorted his smile. The king of Israel and Savior of the world is not a grump. I repeat: Jesus is not a grump.

— Redemption Church | Homily Excerpt | Grace Hangs Around

Alex Early

Alex Early

Jesus befriended and redeemed Alex when he was 15 years old in Georgia where he grew up and later planted his first church

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