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Key Life Pastors’ Chat with Dr. Dan Allender

Key Life Pastors’ Chat with Dr. Dan Allender

JULY 25, 2014

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The topic for this Key Life Pastors' live video chat is "Sex, Preaching and Spiritual Warfare" with professor, counselor and author, Dr. Dan Allender.

Evil is constantly looking to steal, kill and destroy the life, ministry and integrity of men and women who are engaged in what we call full time service. If we don’t address sexual brokenness differently than the prior generations, we will simply be viewed as liars, fools and thieves. Further, we will be that much more susceptible to the seduction and accusation of evil.

How do we talk about sexuality when sexuality is forbidden to be addressed outside of saying “No” and when we know that the majority of the men in our churches struggle with pornography and sexual brokenness? And how do we do so without losing our jobs?

Along with Dan Allender, Steve Brown joined pastors Pete Alwinson, Zach Van Dyke, Kevin Labby and Justin Holcomb around the table for a conversation you won’t want to miss! 

If you’re not in ministry, feel free to watch and please pass this on to any pastors you may know.

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