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Key Life Pastors’ Chat with Scott Sauls

Key Life Pastors’ Chat with Scott Sauls

NOVEMBER 30, 2017

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Almighty God incarnate came into the world in weakness as a refugee child, he chose a life of poverty, and he was executed on a garbage heap between two thieves as a falsely accused enemy of the state. Jesus was constantly giving up power and, paradoxically, that's how his power was most gloriously manifested.

How can Christian leaders today go against the grain of modern culture, take up their crosses, and follow Jesus on the path of weakness, submission, and selflessness instead of the path of acquisition, platform building, and worldly power?

Join Steve Brown, along with pastors Jerry Parries, Kevin Labby, and Zach Van Dyke as they talk with Scott Sauls about his book, From Weakness to Strength: 8 Vulnerabilities That Can Bring Out the Best in Your Leadership. Learn how the power of God is channeled through our weakness.


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Scott Sauls serves as senior pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee. He was previously a lead and preaching pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian in New York City after planting two churches in Kansas City and St. Louis. Scott has authored two books and blogs regularly at

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