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Key Life Pastors’ Chat with Shari Thomas

Key Life Pastors’ Chat with Shari Thomas

DECEMBER 10, 2014

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Being a pastor is a tough job, and it can take a toll on the relationships that matter most. Shari Thomas is married to a church planting pastor, and she's here to talk about God's radical grace for pastors' wives and families.

Join Steve, Shari and the Key Life pastors as they answer the question, “Is it finished for your relationships?”

Shari Thomas is Founder and Director of Parakaleo, a ministry dedicated to equipping and supporting pastors’ wives. She’s also the co-author of Beyond Duct Tape: Holding the Heart Together in a Life of Ministry.

Shari will be one of the featured speakers at the Key Life Pastors’ Pre-Conference at Liberate 2015. Find out more at

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