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Logos 6 15% Off

Logos 6 15% Off

NOVEMBER 8, 2014

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At Key Life, we believe that the more we study the Bible the more we will see and understand that its deepest message is the grace of God to sinners and sufferers.

Our friends at Logos love to help people study and interact with the Bible more. They just released their best Bible software version ever, Logos 6. It’s incredible. And you can get 15% off the world’s best Bible software through Key Life.

If you want Logos 6 or other software, go through this link.  This will give you a 15% discount.

In addition to your discount, Logos agreed to also give Key Life 15% of your purchase to support our efforts.

So, if you are going to purchase Logos for yourself or as a Christmas present for someone else, please use the Key Life link to get your discount and to support Key Life.

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