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New Key Life Minibooks on Work and Retirement

New Key Life Minibooks on Work and Retirement

MAY 5, 2015

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If God's radical grace changes everything, then how does it relate to things like work and retirement? Key Life and New Growth Press have teamed up to bring you two new minibooks that will help you find freedom in the reality that your self-worth isn't dependent on what you do, but who you are as a beloved son or daughter of God.

Whether you have a job or you’re unemployed, What Do You Do for a Living? by Justin Holcomb takes on the problem of defining ourselves by what we do instead of who we know. It’s actually our relationship with our gracious God that defines who we are, not our performance… and that’s freeing! Read an excerpt here.

Life After Retirement by Steve Brown looks at the struggle with the loss of purpose that can come during the transition to retirement. Steve walks the reader through questions of significance that are answered by God’s grace, love, and purposes that carry us through our entire lives. Read an excerpt here.

Get these two freeing minibooks for yourself, or give them as gifts to people you love who may be struggling with work or retirement. It’s true, God’s radical grace really does change everything!

What Do You Do for a Living? and Life After Retirement are each available individually for $3.99, but for a limited time you can get both minibooks for only $6.00.

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