God's unconditional love changes everything from how we deal with addictions to how pastors serve their churches. Check out the top 5 most read and shared posts from November to find out how radical grace can transform your life. There's something for everyone.

  1. The Gift of Addiction - Yes, our addictions wreck us, but in God’s hands, we're wrecked for life. Erik Guzman explains how.
  2. The Pastor - Check out this video with Eugene Peterson to see what happens when a pastor turns away from “entertainment religion” to care for God’s people.
  3. No Condemnation - If you are a Christian, there is no condemnation…and you are truly free. Don't miss this freeing post by Steve Brown. 
  4. Can I Lose My Salvation? - Do you feel like God couldn’t possibly love and forgive you if he knew—really knew—how badly you’ve screwed up? You need this grace-infusion from Steve Brown.
  5. What To Do When You Can't Not Talk About Yourself - The good news is that you're not the good news and hope exists outside of yourself and the incessant need to "make lemonade when life gives us lemons." So the question is, now what? Read this insightful post by Matt Johnson to find out.

Our mission at Key Life is to help get you and those you love Home with radical freedom, infectious joy and surprising faithfulness to Christ. We hope and pray that these posts play a part in pulling that off. If you find them helpful, please share them with friends and family.