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Politics in the Church – Ministering in the Aftermath

Politics in the Church – Ministering in the Aftermath

MAY 29, 2018

/ Articles / Politics in the Church – Ministering in the Aftermath

If you're a pastor for very long, there's a good chance you'll get called to a church that has some significant problems. Maybe the previous pastor was so bad he couldn't lead a congregation out of a paper bag. Maybe there was a moral failure among the leadership. Maybe you inherited a crushing mountain of debt. If that sounds familiar, Steve and his crew of pastors are here to help.

Join Steve Brown, along with pastors Zach Van Dyke, Kevin Labby, and Jerry Parries, as they share what they’ve learned about being a pastor called to lead a church in shambles.

This is the ninth chat in the series Politics in the Church. Don’t miss part 1 on the 10/90 Principle, part 2 on Collecting Chips, part 3 on Developing a Mean Streakpart 4 on Pockets of Powerpart 5 on Paranoiapart 6 on Controversy, part 7 on Money & Power, and part 8 on Handling Criticism.

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