I believe that’s consistent with Biblical teaching. As a man, I love the gift and adventure aspects. At times, though, I get a pit in my stomach: Am I up for this particular adventure today? In five days, I’ll be hiking up Mt. Tabeguache and Mt. Shavano in the Rockies if the weather holds up. We’ll start relatively high in the Rockies but we’ll gain about 4,900 feet to get both of those 14′ers. I’m excited.  Going up!  Here’s what the 14ers.com says about part of the hike:  “The Tabeguache summit is now 1/4 mile away and the remaining hike is fairly direct. Follow trail segments directly west up the slope on easy talus.  If you lose the ‘trail’, just continue directly up the slope or follow the right side.”

Mmmm…fairly direct…’trail’ is in quotes…means it really isn’t much of a trail.  I’m going up but the route is not completely direct, only fairly direct. I’m excited and alerted at the same time. I want to go up. I also want everything to be pretty simple and direct. I want to be in control. You can’t have it both ways in the Rockies, or in life.

Position of Power

Two thoughts for us today… God’s grace is calling us to go up…not merely to slide through life predictably. Following Jesus as a man means taking His route, not ours, and His Word guides us through the indirect trails of life. But as we go up, we have to remember we’re in an incredibly high position as His sons! Sometimes–no, a lot of times–I forget who I am! I start thinking of myself as the kid of a divorced family without a father to cut the way through the jungle of life for him. Defaulting back to a former state of helpless, I forget I’m really in a position of power as God’s son!

“But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name, who were born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.”

John 1:12-13

It was the Father’s will that I become His son…not mine. The same is true for you! Start today from a high position as God’s son and you’ll pray up, not down. You’ll pray for the power that is available for you, that indeed has been available for you from before the foundation of the world! God’s grace for you is minute-by-minute but it’s been stored up for you to use from eternity past. It’s there, available. Use it!

The trail today will definitely not always be distinct. OK…keep following Him…and praying up…since you belong to Him because of the Cross. You’re weak and so am I, but your Father is strong.

Here’s to our Father’s strength, to our journey up, and boldness for the trail.

Strength and Courage!