I can’t think of a single need. 

He lets me sit on my patio, sip coffee, watch birds, and seaplanes overhead.

I listen to the city and look at the Western hemlocks. 

He gives my life meaning, and I know that I belong. 

He helps me trust my friends, 

and when I do, his name shines.

Be it in Georgia, England, Nevada, or Washington,

I am not coming unglued, because You stay with me;

You’ve provided a 10’ table of tacos, elote, chunky guacamole, 

And IPA from Ballard. I belly-laugh with my friends.

My enemies know that I’ve moved on, am happy,

and wish them well. I smile because I am healed.

Sweat drips from my head like oil, finishing my second lap at Discovery Park, and I have a family to whom I come home.

The kindness of God confronts me, and the Love of God strengthens me every single day of my life.

I will dwell with my Abba until times runs out and then again.

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