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September’s Top 5 Posts

September’s Top 5 Posts

OCTOBER 3, 2015

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Did you miss something radically freeing? Looking for a quick glance at what Key Life is all about? We have you covered. Here are the posts people have read and shared the most in September.

Key Life exists to communicate that the deepest message of the ministry of Jesus and the Bible is the radical grace of God to sinners and sufferers. We’re just beggars telling other beggars where we found bread, and based on the popularity of the following posts, people are hungry.

  1. How to Help Someone Who is Grieving by Sally Lloyd-Jones – How do we love those who have lost what feels like a piece of their souls? Let’s ask Sally Lloyd-Jones.
  2. Grace and Sexual Temptation by Ryan Reeves – Ryan thinks instead of dodging the subject, we should make church a safe place for the confession of sin before marriages are destroyed.
  3. Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid by Steve – War, disease, death and false prophets?! Meh, Steve thinks he’ll take a nap.
  4. The Radical Nature of Grace by Steve – When you announce to the world that you’re a Christian, you’re not saying to them, “I’m good and you can be too!” We’re announcing to the world that we’re needy and screwed-up sinners.
  5. Steve’s Devotional – We Owe Love…Even When Treated Like Dirt – We have one obligation: Love… Even when the other guy is a jerk.

We hope you’ll be fed by these posts and share them with family and friends. Our goal is to help get you and those you love Home with radical freedom, infectious joy and surprising faithfulness to Christ!

Key Life

Key Life

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