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St. Patrick’s Bad Analogies

St. Patrick’s Bad Analogies

MARCH 17, 2016

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In celebration of St. Patrick's Day, let's take some shots... at everyone's favorite patron saint of Ireland.

This video from Lutheran Satire points out the pitfalls of attempting to use illustrations to explain the Trinity. It’s a fun look at how easy it is to fall into heresy with our analogies.

I laughed when I watched this, but it worried me too. As someone who wrote a book that attempts to convey Trinitarian theology through story without using theological language or Christian terms, I’m well aware of how horribly wrong this could go.

My book, The Seed: A True Myth (available May 16th), probably won’t sell enough copies to end up on the radar of the heresy hunters, but escaping controversy isn’t my concern. What I really care about is faithfully communicating historically orthodox biblical truth in wildly (and risky) creative ways. At the very least, I hope I did better than a shamrock.

Maybe you should avoid my book and just join me and St. Patrick in confessing the Athanasian Creed.

Erik Guzman

Erik Guzman

Erik worked with Steve Brown for 20 years as Executive Producer and Vice President of Communications. He is also the author of The Seed: A True Myth and The Gift of Addiction: How […]

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