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Steward Your Strength

Steward Your Strength

NOVEMBER 5, 2020

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As the world rocks and reels

All of us are on our tippy toes or on our heels.
Some are eager, peering over the fence pondering what’s to come
Others are knocked back in great sadness of what’s already been done.

To find yourself flat-footed in a wobbly world today is miraculous as Peter standing there on the water, dumbstruck by the Carpenter-Messiah.

If you walk out your door in confidence with broad shoulders and your chin as high as a flagpole, remember that you’re one of the few these days.

Express your gratitude to God because you know that the peace you feel is a grace from above. Be on the lookout for the downtrodden man who is at the end of his rope. You won’t have to look too far before you find him. When you see him, throw your strong arm around his shoulder, look him boldly in the eyes and remind him that he’s still the beloved of God.

Steward your strength. The world needs it now more than ever.

Alex Early

Alex Early

Jesus befriended and redeemed Alex when he was 15 years old in Georgia where he grew up and later planted his first church

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