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God's Not Mad at You
The Grace We Affirm – Zach Van Dyke

The Grace We Affirm – Zach Van Dyke

JANUARY 11, 2019

/ Articles / The Grace We Affirm – Zach Van Dyke

In order to affirm and accept God's grace we first have to affirm our need for grace. Grace always presupposes need.

Join Zach Van Dyke at Grace Encounter 2018 as he teaches from Genesis 2:25-3:12. You’ll see that affirming grace covers our original shame and frees us with the truth of our redeemed original goodness. As God’s image bearer, you matter.

Zach is teaching pastor at Summit Church in Orlando, Florida. He also teaches on Key Life and can be heard weekly on the nationally syndicated radio program Steve Brown, Etc.

Visit our Grace Encounter page for all the messages from Grace Encounter 2018.

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