These guys have a big vision, and now I have a bigger vision to introduce people to Jesus.  As many as we can.  The whole city, if possible.  Why not?  Small visions are a waste of time and quite frankly, boring.

Next Saturday I’ll be hiking with 7 guys from Orlando up two of Colorado’s 54 14 thousand foot plus peaks…14′ers they call them.  After a day of rest, we’ll climb another.  I can’t wait!  We’ll be up a mile plus and the air will be thin.  But the view…the vision…ah…unsurpassable.  But even there, picking our way up the slope through the boulders, we’ll be talking about Jesus and how God’s grace is building us into men.  We’ll be looking at the Father’s creative genius and sure, we’ll be sucking wind cause we’re Orlando flatlanders, but the fun is in the challenge as we push and encourage each other on up the mountain.  Maybe you’ll come with us next year.

The Father’s vision for us is so much bigger and farther reaching than we even know.  Higher than 30,000 feet He sees us clearly (and cares), and He knows exactly where He wants to take us. As I was thinking about my spiritual life right now, I realize that there are some dreams and visions I had for my life that weren’t God’s visions and dreams for my life.  I could see them as clearly as I could see O-Town today and as clearly as I will be able to see in Colorado next week.

Some dreams should die.

Non-God dreams for me are dead dreams anyway, and they should be allowed to die.  Why do I hold on to them so tightly?

“…every branch that bears fruit, He prunes it, that it may bear more fruit.”  

John 15:2

I’m letting go of some of the non-God dreams that are dead anyway.  How do you let them go? By just asking Him to take the desire away. He always answers prayers that fit perfectly with His plans for you…always (I John 5:14-15).  How about you?  Where you hurt right now might be the place He’s trying to cut out some deadwood.  The Lord graces us with shears sometimes.  He only cuts because of how far He’s brought you and there’s more for you.  Way more.

Grace not only frees us from…it unleashes us to…what’s He cutting and where are you going?

You Take It To Heart…