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It’s Friday but Sunday’s Comin’

It’s Friday but Sunday’s Comin’

APRIL 17, 2014

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This weekend on stations across the country, Our Favorite Lib., Tony Campolo, joined us to talk about death, resurrection and retirement. His Steve Brown, Etc. program is now posted here on Don't miss it?

Here’s a classic sermon from Tony Campolo. This message is for everyone who has experienced loss, heartache and doubt that God cares or has the power to transform our lives and the world.

This is your opportunity to find hope and trust in a God who is no stranger to suffering himself. However, it was for the joy set before him that Jesus endured the cross. It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming!

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and download a sermon outline.

Tony Campolo

Tony Campolo

Anthony "Tony" Campolo is an American sociologist, pastor, author, public speaker.

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