The King’s Son

Steve Brown
Wednesday December 21, 2016

incarnation jesus

Not only did the king like being king, but his people throughout the kingdom praised him for ruling so benevolently and wisely. The people knew they could trust their king to do the right thing for them and for the kingdom, and they were right. Because of the king’s wisdom, the kingdom was prosperous and peaceful.

Because of Bethlehem - Max Lucado

Key Life
Monday December 19, 2016

incarnation jesus

When life gets hard, it’s comforting that God knows what it’s like to be human. He didn’t sit on the outside looking in on our suffering. His love for us compelled him to become one of us, and now we have a sympathetic King on the throne in heaven. Join Max Lucado on SBE for a discussion of his new book, ‘Because of Bethlehem: Love Is Born, Hope Is Here.’