Poker, Peace & Piety

Key Life
Friday August 18, 2017

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The Bible can be a frustrating book, especially when the religious manipulators use the “law enforcement texts” to keep us in line. The mother of all those texts is Jesus’ parable of the talents; a favorite of fundraisers, Sunday school teachers and guilt-trippers everywhere. Well, no more. This message from Steve will set you free!

Steve’s Devotional – If God is in Charge

Steve Brown
Monday August 14, 2017

steve's devotional

What is God like? The answer to that question determines how I will act, who I am and the very world in which I live. From the beginning of fallen man’s history, God’s existence has been acknowledged as a fact, but God’s nature has been in question. And so man’s questions have centered on the God he or she knew was there: Where is God? What must I do to get his attention? Is he benevolent, or is he a monster? Does he care, or has he gone away to Bermuda on vacation? Does he love? And then very hesitantly: Does he love me?

Getting Saved

Steve Brown
Friday August 11, 2017

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“I’m not exactly sure how I was saved. I think I was hugged in the dark… and I didn’t want it, and I didn’t beg for it, it just happened.” - Steve Brown

When Jesus Leaves the Building

Key Life
Friday August 4, 2017

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In Luke 4, we see that grace is Jesus’ job description. He came to bring good news and radical freedom to poor prisoners and sick sinners. When Jesus is in the building, it’s all good… but there is a kicker. Grace is only good news for those who need it. Join Steve to find out what on earth would make Jesus leave the building.

Parenting: The Father’s Father

Key Life
Friday July 28, 2017

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There is a direct correlation between how you view God and how you will father and mother your children. That’s why it’s so important to get the doctrine right about our Father in heaven. God is not a monster or a child abuser. Watch this message with Steve teaching from Jesus’ story about the prodigal sons, and you’ll be on your way to being a parent who loves the way you have been loved.

The Benefits of Preaching Law

Marci Preheim
Thursday July 27, 2017

grace 101

Ahhhhhhh, towing the line, having a foot in both camps, tossing a bone to legalists for appeasement, riding the fence. Throw in a side helping of law with that gospel order. All of this is evidence of the fear of man.