Life Coach Jesus

Matt Johnson
Thursday March 23, 2017

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If you’re feeling confused about your standing with God after a sermon, there is a good chance you have not heard a gospel sermon (what has been done for you), but a sermon principally based on what you must do. This is a law-based sermon.

Love and Convictions

Steve Brown
Wednesday March 22, 2017

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How in the world can Christians love one another when we don’t agree on anything but Jesus, don’t think the same way, don’t look alike, or don’t share a common cultural and political understanding of the way things ought to be? And then how can we love one another without selling out our convictions?

Love for Losers

Chad West
Tuesday March 21, 2017

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There’s nothing seemingly rational about the way in which God shows affection to his creation. When we talk about love, we attach all of these catches, just to make sure nobody that doesn’t deserve loves accidentally gets some splashed on them. But, God, he turns the bucket completely over.

Life Without the Kicker

Steve Brown
Wednesday March 15, 2017

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Some seriously misguided Christians once called a Jewish friend of mine a “Christ killer.” When I told him how very sorry I was for what they had said and how he had been hurt, he didn’t say anything for a minute. He was waiting for me to continue. Then my friend said something that really surprised me, “Steve, I want to thank you for what you said; but more than that, I want to thank you that there was no kicker.”

Grace Encounter - Kevin Labby & Jerry Parries

Key Life
Monday March 13, 2017

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Different, but not divided. That’s the idea behind two churches—one African-American and one white—coming together to celebrate the renewing and reconciling power of radical grace. Join pastors Jerry Parries and Kevin Labby on SBE as they talk about forming a friendship, swapping pulpits, and leading their congregations to worship as one.